Our School Facilities


Taruwin Vidhya Mandir School is an English medium, co-educational school. The school is spread in an area of 4 acres with wide spread playground. Its serene location, secure environment, aesthetic infrastructure and complementing peaceful ambience make it an ideal place to acquire knowledge.


Our School is carefully designed to be an ideal grooming ground for your children. Our infrastructure enhances the teaching and learning environment with digital classrooms equipped with audio visual aids like smart boards, projectors, etc that make learning interactive and enjoyable.

The school has RO filtration plant, indoor activity room for preschoolers, vast library, dance and music rooms, indoor – outdoor play area and Gender separated hostel facility


Well furnished science lab, math lab, language lab and internet enabled computer lab. The analytical and numerical abilities, language and problem solving skills are enhanced through these workhouses of experimentation.

Classroom Experience

A typical classroom at Taruwin is a vibrant and enriched learning space. What strikes you at first glance is that our class sizes are intimate – restricted to a small group of 25 students. This allows the facilitators to give abundant attention to each child. A warm and friendly atmosphere pervades our classrooms, which far from being passive learning sessions, see enthusiastic participation from students.

We believe that learning evolves through a two-way interaction between facilitators and students. Hence, our classroom sessions focus on collaborative learning, rather than a one-sided approach. The teaching methodology, which we follow, is one of active engagement. We encourage our students to take initiative and engage with their own learning process. This self-directed approach not only enables children to get involved and learn actively through their own successes and failures, but also heightens their ability to think for themselves.

‘Smart Boards’ or interactive whiteboard in every classroom have an added impact on the efficacy of learning and offer several advantages over conventional black boards, including increased interactivity and enjoyment, greater opportunities for participation and collaboration with the teacher and a lessened need for note-taking

The Taruwin Faculty

An outstanding team of teaching professionals guide and mentor our students. Our team of qualified teachers – whom we call ‘facilitators’ – creates a structured and enriched learning environment, whereby knowledge flows seamlessly. At the same time, our facilitators also view each child as a unique individual, with distinctive attributes and abilities, and ensure that they establish a personalized rapport with every student in the class.

Our team of facilitators are held to a very high standard, both personally and professionally. They undergo regular appraisals where knowledge levels are assessed and need gaps analyzed, following which In-Service Training Programs are organized, either for a group or for an individual facilitator. These programs are conducted to keep a continuous process of knowledge enhancement underway as well as to embrace the latest in educational and classroom practices.


The school campus spreads over a sprawling 4 acres that accommodated Football, throw ball, Volley ball, tennikoit, Badminton, Kho-Kho, hockey, skating and indoor games like Table tennis, carom, chess.


Special attention is paid to slow learners by special educators during remedial hours, designed according to the needs of these learners.


Development activities like yoga, music, dance, taekwondo, Silambam, sports and various competitions form part of CSA. Various clubs like Gardening, Health and Wellness, Literary, Math, Heritage, Integrity and Space clubs provides opportunity for the kids to learn and develop their individual interest.


For developing aesthetic and creative skills the school provides scheduled activity periods on Art and Crafts.


The students are divided into four houses that focus most of the activities outside the classroom and serve to promote a spirit of friend and healthy competition in sporting, literary and cultural activities. They also help to promote a feeling of belongingness amongst the members of the school who are from different backgrounds.


The school facilitates a comfortable hostel for staying and gives opportunity for students to develop in their own time and space. Additional teaching and studying hours enable the student learn more.

The school takes opportunity to inculcate healthy food habits, table manners and provide nutritious food. The hygienic kitchen and spacious dining hall cater for four meals comprising of Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner as per carefully planned menus by experienced nutritionist.


Our in-house counselor and trained teachers help the children to cope up with psychological stress due to peer, academic pressure etc. The students are individually well looked after in its friendly environment. Lot of support and encouragement is given to students and their physical, moral, personal and social well being is taken care of.


The school campus is safe and secure with boundary walls, 24X7 security guards, CCTV cameras to monitor all entrances and exits, communication system and fire fighting systems.


Frequent general health, dental and eye camps are conducted to ensure the wellness of the students


The transportation of students is safe, quick and convenient due to a fleet of buses with a well planned routing. The school also plans to have GPS based school bus tracing and control system for safety of the students.

A CBSE Affiliated School • Fantastic Curriculum • Wide Spread Playground • Well Trained Teachers • Hostel Facility
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