We have built state-of-art laboratories for English, Math, Science and Computer. Each of these labs is equipped with a variety of print, audio and video materials and subject-relevant equipment to allow for an experiential learning process, at a pace suitable to each child’s abilities. During lab hours, the students are supervised and assisted by qualified technicians and subject facilitators.

In the English Lab, each student has a personal computer at his or her disposal and is guided through graded challenges built into specially designed software programs. These customized tutorials are primarily intended to hone speaking and listening comprehension skills.

In the Math Lab, students have ready access to handle and perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in activities related to mathematics.

It is activity centric, where students are placed in problem solving situations. Through self exploration and discovery, he or she provides a solution, based on his or her own experience, needs and interests. The various Science Labs are fitted with a wide range of tools, instruments and apparatus that are essential to perform a variety of basic to advanced physics, chemistry and biology experiments. All the experiments are monitored by experienced technicians and conducted under safe and controlled conditions.