In today’s world, technology aids are considered to be crucial tools of a well-rounded education. Various studies have proven that not only does the use of technology make learning more fun and encourage social behaviour between participants, but it also leads to improved performance in students. 

Appropriate technological aids have also been found to improve communication, allow children to learn at a pace and in a style that they are most comfortable with, offer access to increased knowledge and augment the understanding of how to apply their knowledge in the real world.

We have ensured that every classroom is fitted with multimedia intranet computers. The Taruwin is the first school in Dharmapuri to invest in the installation of electronic, interactive whiteboards or ‘smart boards’. Each classroom is fitted with a smart board, which is connected to an overhead projector and the classroom computer. These boards are used along with educational software to help make teaching and learning an effectual, interactive and fun process.